Windows 8 Start Panel

Windows 8 Start Panel Full 3.0

Give your PC a Windows 8 look and feel


  • Simulates Windows 8 interface well
  • Offers tile organization on Start menu
  • Tiles include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more


  • Can't change the green background

Very good

Windows 8 Start Panel is an app that transforms your PC to look more like the upcoming Windows 8 interface.

If you're always trying to find ways to make your computer look as new and impressive as possible, Windows 8 Start Panel is a lightweight app that'll get the job done superbly. It goes along with other programs that try to simulate what Windows 8 is expected to look like, such as Windows 8 Theme.

Windows 8 Start Panel looks very much like what the official video of the Windows 8 interface presented.
The app works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 PCs and offers a lot of stand-out features. It introduces tile organization, where everything on the interface is introduced on a colorful, minimalist Start screen. Some of these tiles in Windows 8 Start Panel include Socialite Tile for Facebook, Tweet@rama for Twitter, News Tile, Weather Tile and more.

Windows 8 Start Panel also includes a tile that lets you play music, and other games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

Unfortunately, there's no way to currently change the green background to another color of your preference.

Windows 8 Start Panel is a fun, lightweight way to give your current Start menu a Windows 8 appearance.

Windows 8 Start Panel


Windows 8 Start Panel Full 3.0

User reviews about Windows 8 Start Panel

  • by Anonymous

    Not working! .
    cant obtain product key!! website is not showing up!! *help*.   More

  • by Anonymous

    Just search alternatives .
    Thats perfect but i have a 1024x600 resolution en doesnt work on mi netbook :S
    P...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Very good software!!!.
    It`s a great new modification to improve your pc. Try it out and see the difference yours...   More